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Blender 4.1 – Create Virtual Worlds…For Free!

This video is from Two Minute Papers.

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How to make a Hologram in Blender in 15 minutes

This video from Blender Guru is a Blender tutorial on creating sci-fi, Bladerunner style hologram. No plugins required!

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2023 Blender Conference: Don’t Miss the Keynote

This video is the Blender Conference Keynote by Ton Roosendaal Blender.

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How to Make a React 3D Animated Website with ThreeJS (WebGi) & GSAP

Watching my oldest child play around with Blender and create some amazing 3D worlds has me inspired about the 3D web again. In this video is from, learn how to build a 3D animation in React, using technologies such as WebGi (powered by Three.js) and GSAP. First, we will learn how to find 3D […]

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Modeling in Blender for complete beginners

This video is from Joey Carlino, who teaches us the basics of modeling in Blender while creating a low-poly cafe Get the shortcut PDF:

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Cascadeur – Is This the Future of Animation

This video from Grant Abbitt looks at the AI animation software Cascadeur. I’ve been working with it for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed the experience and feel that this could well be the future of the way we animate characters for games and films. let me know what you think.

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How to Create a 3D World using AI Images

AI can be a great enabling tool for creators, not just a threat to the arts. In this video is from Prompt Muse, learn how to create a 3D immersive world using AI image generation.

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