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Hacked ChatGPT Accounts Are Being Sold On the Dark Web

In this video Mental Outlaw discusses how hacked ChatGPT accounts were hacked on the DarkWeb and the implications of this hack from the loss of corporate intellectual property to blackmail.

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GPT-4 is Now in Bing (The Next ChatGPT)

Matt Wolfe covers the latest happening in the new “AI Wars.” Microsoft just announced GPT-4 is now in Bing, just a day after Google announced that it’s launching Bard.

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Speeding Up Image Embedding Model in Bing Semantic Precise Image Search with the ONNX Runtime

Accelerate and optimize machine learning models regardless of training framework using ONNX and ONNX Runtime. This episode introduces both ONNX and ONNX Runtime and provides an example of ONNX Runtime accelerating Bing Semantic Precise Image Search. Learn more about ONNX: ONNX ONNX Runtime ONNX Runtime Inference on Azure Machine Learning ONNX Model Zoo Follow ONNX […]

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Leverage the Power of Bing AI to Empower Innovative Scenarios

In this session audience will learn about Bing Search technology and how Bing AI can be infused to build powerful scenarios for your business. Learn how to use Microsoft cognitive services Bing Search APIs including Visual Search, Custom Search, Entity Search, Local Business Search APIs etc. to build enriching scenarios for end users..

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Using Bing’s AI to Tap into the World of Knowledge

Bing APIs provide the pre-built AI capabilities to your business to build diverse search scenarios at web-scale. With Bing’s Web Search API, you can get the most relevant, contextual, and up-to-date results for your queries, which include webpages, images, videos, news, popular entities, and other answers. Using the vertical search APIs, you can obtain enriched […]

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