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AI Ethics

The messy process of regulating AI | AI: Promise or Peril

With the recent boom in generative AI tools and commercial use of AI, governments around the world are rushing to make sense of the technology and regulate it. In the US, discussions have been ongoing with the world’s most powerful people. But what will it take to get more governance around the technology?

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The Mind Behind Windows: Dave Cutler Interview

This video is from Dave’s Garage. Dave Cutler is a seminal figure in computer science, renowned for his contributions to operating systems. Born in 1942, he played pivotal roles in the development of several OSes, most notably VMS for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Windows NT for Microsoft. Cutler’s design principles emphasize performance, reliability, and […]

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Funny Generative AI

Bill Gates Windows Company Commercial (AI)

In thiis video is from Chris the Creator, AI imagines Bill Gates pitching a real Windows Company: Microchopt

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Microsoft Windows

The Secret History of MS-DOS SmartDrv!

This video is from Dave’s Garage.

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Generative AI

Is Generative AI Is About To Reset Everything?

Forbes explains that generative AI like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are about to change not only how you work, but how the content you consume is produced. Forbes spoke with a number of leading voices in the AI space to determine both the benefits and the dangers of this next wave of technological innovation, and find […]

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AI Ethics Future

Nick Bostrom: The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence aka Elon Musk’s Biggest Fear

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Nick Bostrom. Nick Bostrom is a New York Times bestseller, was recommended by Elon Musk and Bill Gates among others, and helped to popularize the term “superintelligence”. Bostrom believes that superintelligence is a potential outcome of advances in artificial intelligence.

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Bill Gates’ Secret Easter Egg

Bill Gates is said to have personally crafted a special Easter Egg surprise for one of Microsoft’s best-selling products. But which one, and why? Retired Microsoft engineer Dave tells the unofficial behind-the-scenes story.

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AI Economics of AI

Rise of the Machines Documentary

The 5th Kind has a slightly alarmist, yet interesting, look at how AI will transform our lives, society, and the nature of what it means to be human. As we become ever more reliant on cellular phones and devices to aid in our everyday tasks; rapid development into new technologies and Artificial Intelligence is underway […]

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