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Azure Synapse, Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Efficiency at GE Aviation

Microsoft Mechanics shows us a practical use case for Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Efficiency through Microsoft Azure Synapse. Find out how Azure Synapse is part of the next-generation data and analytics platform for global aviation tech company, GE Aviation. Jeremy Chapman speaks with Luke Bowman, Senior Product Manager at GE Aviation’s Digital Group, to discuss […]

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Azure Synapse and On-Demand Serverless Compute and Querying

Microsoft Mechanics learns how UK-based data engineering consultant, endjin, is evaluating Azure Synapse for on-demand serverless compute and querying. Endjin specializes in big data analytics solutions for customers across a range of different industries such as ocean research, financial services, and retail industries. Host Jeremy Chapman speaks with Jess Panni, Principal and Data Architect at […]

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse and Just-In-Time Inventory at Aggreko

Microsoft Mechanics explores how Aggreko is evaluating Azure Synapse to increase operational efficiency with just-in-time supply of their specialist equipment. Aggreko is a global leader in the supply of temporary power generation and temperature control systems, providing backup energy and power supply during times of crisis. Join Jeremy Chapman, as Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Data […]

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Spark in Big Data Clusters

Learn about what is Spark and using it in Big Data Clusters. Time index [00:00] Introduction [00:30] One-sentence definition of Spark [00:47] Storing Big Data [01:44] What is Spark? [02:35] Language choice [03:27] Unified compute engine [04:57] Spark with SQL Server [05:47] Learning more [06:10] Wrap-up

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