big data cluster

Big Data

Dealing With Big Data – Computerphile

Big Data sounds may be a buzz word, and is hard to quantify, but the problems with large data sets are very real. Dr Isaac Triguero explains some of the challenges.

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Big Data SQL Server

Query HDFS Data Inside SQL Server Big Data Cluster

In this video, you will see how to use PolyBase in SQL Server 2019 big data cluster to query data from HDFS and join the data with other tables in the database. Read more about configuring PolyBase to query HDFS.

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Big Data Security

Overview: Big Data Cluster Security

In this video, get an overview of security features in Big Data Clusters.  More information on security in big data clusters:  Follow Jeroen ter Heerdt and Nellie Gustafsson on Twitter.

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Azure Big Data

Big Data Cluster Administration

This video provides an overview of administration experiences for BDC (Big Data Clusters). In big data clusters, we ensure that management services embedded with the platform provide fast scale and upgrade operations, automatic logs and metrics collection, enterprise grade secure access and high availability.

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