What is a Quant? – Financial Quantitative Analyst

In this video learn what a Financial Quantitative Analyst is and does. A Quant for short is someone who has deep knowledge of financial mathematics. This is a specific type of mathematics that relates to no arbitrage pricing and delves into Ito Calculus and some very difficult probability theory.

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IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

How to Hacking Your Garage Door with the Raspberry Pi Pico W

A high tech solution to not leaving the garage door open all day! Here’s the open source Raspberry Pi Pico W garage door sensor project, with instructions for how you can set up the same thing at your house:

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What is an Amazon EC2? From a Back End Engineer

Aimed at beginners, this will provide a brief overview of the what an EC2 is and how it fits into the Amazon Web Services ecosystem. Learn what an EC2 is from a back-end engineer who works with AWS everyday. As the most basic Amazon Web Service you can use, it’s really important to understand what […]

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Azure Big Data Data

Learn Live – Azure Governance

Hear from Microsoft FastTrack for Azure (FTA) engineers and ask your questions about Azure Governance. This session will provide you the opportunity to expand on your knowledge of Azure Governance. Topics include on how to organize your resources, manage access, and manage cost and billing.

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Data Science

Explore and analyze data with R

This video from Microsoft Learn covers common data exploration and analysis tasks in R and how to use R packages such as ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr to turn raw data into understanding, insight, and knowledge.

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Azure DevOps

How to Build your first Bicep template

Define Azure resources within a Bicep template. Improve the consistency and reliability of your deployments, reduce the manual effort required, and scale your deployments across environments. Your template will be flexible and reusable through the use of parameters, variables, expressions, and modules.

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Introduction to infrastructure as code using Bicep

Using infrastructure as code, Azure Resource Manager, and Bicep to quickly and confidently scale your cloud deployments.

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