Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Developer

Serverless for Beginners

In this first episode of season 2, get started with Serverless on Azure.

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Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps

Anthony Chu joins Scott Hanselman to show how to build, debug, and deploy a full-stack serverless application in minutes with Azure Static Web Apps. Related Links: What is Azure Static Web Apps? Azure Static Web Apps learning path Azure Static Web Apps CLI (preview) Getting Started with Create React App repo Create a free account […]

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Azure SQL

Setup Azure SQL Database to use with Azure Static Web Apps

Azure SQL Database enables serverless and hyperscale scenarios, all backed by the enterprise-grade SQL Server engine. This video shows how to setup the database and update your website, in this case a map with real-time bus data, to use it. Related resources: Learn Live video covering the learning path: Data Exposed show (live and […]

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