Azure Databricks

Computer Vision Databricks

Video Analytics At Scale on Databricks

Here’s a live demo and lessons learned while building and publishing an advanced video analytics solution in the Azure Marketplace.

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Databricks MLOps

MLOps on Azure Databricks with MLflow

In this session, Oliver Koernig, a Solutions Architect at Databricks, will illustrate and demonstrate how Databricks’ managed MLflow and the Azure ecosystem can be used to effectively implement an integrated MLOps lifecycle for managing and deploying Machine learning models. Oliver will focus on the MLflow Model Registry, a centralized model store, set of APIs and […]

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Exploring the Databricks CLI – Secrets

Jon Wood shows us how to use the Databricks CLI to add secrets to an Azure Databricks Workspace.

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Big Data Spark

Cost Efficiency Strategies for Managed Apache Spark Service

With cloud-native rising, the conversation of infrastructure costs seeped from R&D Directors to every person in the R&D: “How does much a VM cost?” “can we use that managed services? How much will it cost us with our workload??” “I need a stronger machine with more GPU, how do we make it happen within the […]

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Azure Azure Synapse Databricks

Comparing Azure Synapse, Snowflake and Databricks for Common Data Workloads

In this video, Chris Seferlis describes some of the most common data workloads that are being deployed on Azure and which of the 3 major compute engines are best for each workload.

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Azure Big Data Data

Where does Azure Data Explorer fit in the Azure Data Platform?

Chris Seferlis discusses one of the lesser known and newer Data Services in Azure, Data Explorer. If you’re looking to run extremely fast queries over large sets of log and IoT data, this may be the right tool for you. I also discuss where it’s not a replacement for Azure Synapse or Azure Databricks, but […]

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Azure Bioinformatics Covid Pandemic

Public Health Monitoring for Modern Data Platform

Erik Roll from BlueGranite steps through the current 2020 health outlook and environmental factors that impact organizational data. How is your data estate impacted, and how can the modern data platform in Azure be used to aid organizations considering current events?

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Diving into Delta Lake Part 2: Enforcing and Evolving the Schema

Databricks hosted this tech talk on Delta Lake. Data, like our experiences, is always evolving and accumulating. To keep up, our mental models of the world must adapt to new data, some of which contains new dimensions – new ways of seeing things we had no conception of before. These mental models are not unlike […]

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Big Data Databricks

Diving into Delta Lake Part 1: Unpacking the Transaction Log

Heres’s an online Tech Talk hosted by Denny Lee, Developer Advocate at Databricks with Burak Yavuz, Software Engineer also of Databricks Link to Notebook. The transaction log is key to understanding Delta Lake because it is the common thread that runs through many of its most important features, including ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling, time […]

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Azure Data

The Modern Data Warehouse in Azure – Data Processing

In this video, Chris Seferlis continues discussing the Modern Data Platform in Azure with Part 3: Data Processing. Tools Discusssed: Azure Data Factory Data Flows – Azure Databricks – Azure HDInsight – Azure Marketplace –

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