azure cognitive services

AI Speech and Voice

Using Postman to Interact with Azure Speech API: Convert audio to text

This video will walk you through the step-by-step process of how you can make a call to Azure Speech API, which is part of Azure Cognitive Services. It includes resource deployment in Azure, access token generation and then making a call to REST API.

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AI Azure Natural Language Processing

Knowledge Mining with Azure AI

Chris Seferlis shows us how all of the documents in your organization can become a rich data store with knowledge mining.

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Cognitive Services Python

Using Cognitive Services to Help Moderate Content

Jon Wood shows us some of the features in the Content Moderation service within the Cognitive Services. Notebook used in the video is available on GitHub.

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Cognitive Services Computer Vision Python

Analyze Images in Python with the Cognitive Services Vision Service

Jon Wood posted this video about using the Python Computer Vision client to show how to get started analyzing images through Cognitive Services. Notebook –

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