AI Generative AI Speech and Voice

Advanced Azure OpenAI solutions with TTS Avatar

This video is from Microsoft Developer. First, we’ll explore the new Azure AI Speech text to speech avatar, a new public preview feature that enables users to create talking avatar videos with text input, and to build real-time interactive bots trained using human images. 📹🤖

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Science Space

Designing A Next-Gen Ionic Thruster! (For Flight)

A YouTuber builds a working ionic thruster. Why? I have two answers. One, why not? and Secondly, for Beltalowda! In my attempt to answer that – I built a next-gen ionic thruster, and only shocked myself about a dozen times in the process. Thank you to Steven Barret at MIT for providing his airplane footage, […]

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Video Production Virtual Reality

Cheap Motion Capture using Oculus Quest

Cheap Motion Capture using Oculus Quest and Mocap Fusion called APS (Animation Prep Studio) Luxor. It allows you to create motion capture using a VR device, in this video we are using a Oculus Quest 2 but it also works with the Valve VR head set and additional trackers.

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Video Production

How to Make Animated Cartoon of Yourself in PowerPoint

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to make an animated cartoon of yourself in Microsoft PowerPoint. Start by using a free add-in called Pixton Cartoon Characters to create an avatar of yourself. You can choose the body type, color, hair, outfit, and the pose. Pixton remembers what characters you’ve created so you can quickly insert […]

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