AI Video Production

Automatically Making YouTube Videos with Google Images

carykh explains how he automated a big chunk of his video production workflow.

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AI Economics of AI

Economics of Innovation, Automation, Safety Nets & Universal Basic Income

Lex Fridman interviews Paul Krugman in the latest episode of his podcast. Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winner in economics, professor at CUNY, and columnist at the New York Times. His academic work centers around international economics, economic geography, liquidity traps, and currency crises. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. OUTLINE: […]

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Azure PowerShell Introduction

Azure PowerShell allows for task automation and operational management of Azure resources at no cost or effort using popular PowerShell scripting language. In this episode of Azure 4 Everyone get an introduction to what Azure PowerShell is and how can it solve your day to day development and operational challenges.

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The economics of Artificial Intelligence today
AI Economics of AI

Economics of AI Today

Wide deployment of AI systems will up end the labor market and economy in ways we can barely yet imagine. Think of what someone from 1919 would think of Amazon, Facebook, or convenience stores. Economists have been studying the relationship between technological change, productivity, and employment for a few centuries now. Naturally, the rise of […]

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AI Economics of AI Natural Language Processing

Will Call Center Jobs Disappear?

Bloomberg explores the very real digital disruption happening in the call center industry. This video explores a call center in the Dominican Republic, where Laura Morales is designing chatbots to respond to customer service requests. Morales, a former call center agent herself, has benefited from her new job that is better paid and higher skilled […]

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Python Automation Ideas

Here’s an interesting video chock full of ideas for Python automation projects by  Kalle Hallden. Skip to the 0:53 mark to avoid the long intro.

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AI Drones Economics of AI

Will AI Drones Change the Shipping Industry?

The future of shipping looks very much unmanned. Today, container ships transport more than 90% of all goods in the world, but it can take over a month for those goods to sail from Beijing to New York. Automated cargo drones could be the disruption needed in a global supply chain that has been largely […]

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