How to Build fullstack Next.js and TypeScript apps with AWS Amplify’s new DX

This video is from Amazon Web Services. . The recently launched new code-first developer experience from AWS Amplify (Gen 2 Preview) truly empowers frontend developers to focus on writing differentiating application code, not infrastructure. We’ll look at three key enhancements coming to The new code-first DX automatically infers and provision backend resources by using TypeScript […]

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AI Speech and Voice

Using Postman to Interact with Azure Speech API: Convert audio to text

This video will walk you through the step-by-step process of how you can make a call to Azure Speech API, which is part of Azure Cognitive Services. It includes resource deployment in Azure, access token generation and then making a call to REST API.

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Azure Data

Simplify Authentication with Managed Identities for Azure Resources

Managed Identities for Azure Resources can be leveraged to provide applications running on Azure Services with password-free access to Azure SQL databases and simplifying aspects like credential rotation and secrets management. In this episode of Data Exposed with Silvano Coriani, we’ll look at how it works and will see it in action Resources: Tutorial: Use […]

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