Artifical Intelligence


Neat AI does Lenia – Conway’s game of life arrives in the 21st century

Conway’s game of life arrives in the 21st century with a multi-dimensional upgrade. Paper / Code

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AI Science

Protein Folding Explained and Why DeepMind’s New Solution is a Big Deal

Earlier today, I shared Lex Fridman’s discussion on DeepMind’s recent advancement on protein folding. Join DeepMind  Science Engineer Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool to explore the hidden world of proteins and why this discovery is a big deal. These tiny molecular machines underpin every biological process in every living thing and each one has a unique 3D shape […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Will Robot Writers Change the Internet?

Computers just got a lot better at mimicking human language. Researchers created computer programs that can write long passages of coherent, original text. Language models like GPT-2, Grover, and CTRL create text passages that seem written by someone fluent in the language, but not in the truth. That AI field, Natural Language Processing (NLP), didn’t […]

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Fantasy Football

Data Scientist, Laura Edell shows us how she dominates her Fantasy Football league by using Azure Machine Learning. Additional Resources:

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