Apache Spark

Azure Synapse Spark

Get started with SPARK in Azure Synapse Analytics

Using Spark in Azure Synapse Analytics opens up a lot of possibilities to work with your data. Venk joins the Guy in a Cube gang to get you started with setting it up and quickly using data.

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Databricks TensorFlow

Quick to Production with Minimal MLOps with the Best of Spark and TensorFlow

In this session, learn how we can get deep learning and ml models with TensorFlow into production quickly right after prototyping. Using TensorFlow with big datasets in a distributed setting has been an issue for small teams like ours due to complicated MLOps code, but with what we cover in the talk, we could now […]

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Comprehensive View on Intervals in Apache Spark 3.2

Here’s an overview of intervals in Apache Spark before version 3.2, and the changes that are coming in the future releases.

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Big Data Microsoft Spark

What’s New in .NET for Apache Spark v1.1.1?

.NET for Apache Spark empowers .NET developers to participate in the world of big data analytics. In this episode, Jeremy chats with Michael Rys to discuss some of the new features and capabilities available in this release Related Links .NET for Apache Spark™ .NET for Apache Spark™ tutorial .NET for Apache Spark™ documentation

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Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Data + AI Summit 2021 – Full Thursday AM Keynote on Apache Spark, Data Sciencem and Machine Learning

Here is the entire AM keynote from the Data + AI Summit 2021. The pursuit of AI is one of the biggest priorities in data today. The Thursday morning keynote will be led by Databricks Co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi and cover advances in data science, machine learning, MLOps and more in both open source […]

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Azure Synapse Data

Getting Started with Accessing Azure Data Explorer using Apache Spark for Azure Synapse Analytics

In this episode of Data Exposed, Manoj Raheja shows us how to seamlessly integrate with Azure Data Explorer from Apache Spark for Azure Synapse Analytics. Resources: Connect to Azure Data Explorer using Apache Spark for Azure Synapse Analytics GitHub (Sample Code)

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Azure Synapse CosmosDB

Overview of Azure Synapse Link featuring CosmosDB

In this video Chris Seferlis gives an overview of Azure Synapse Link, a newer feature of the Synapse Analytics Suite of tools. Find out why this feature is important, the way it moves Operational Data to Analytical Data, and what you can then do with it. More details about the service and some great tutorials […]

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Databricks Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning at Scale: A Gaming Industry Experience

Databricks Games earn more money than movies and music combined. Games also generate a lot of data. How can that data best be used. This session walks through how to develop a fully automated and scalable Machine Learning pipeline by the example from an innovative gaming company whose games are played by millions of people […]

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