Anthony Chu


Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps

Anthony Chu joins Scott Hanselman to show how to build, debug, and deploy a full-stack serverless application in minutes with Azure Static Web Apps. Related Links: What is Azure Static Web Apps? Azure Static Web Apps learning path Azure Static Web Apps CLI (preview) Getting Started with Create React App repo Create a free account […]

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What is SignalR and How Does it Aid with Real-Time Communication on the Web?

Real-time communication allows for two-way communication between a client (typically a browser) and server over the web. There are a few different methods for implementing this, including Web Sockets. Anthony Chu (@nthonychu), Senior PM for Azure Functions, explains the core concepts, what SignalR can do for us, and what real-time communication on the web is […]

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Azure Developer

Real-time applications with Azure SignalR Service

Anthony Chu joins Donovan Brown to show how to deliver live updates from Azure Functions to web, mobile, and desktop apps with Azure SignalR Service. Learn how to send real-time messages over WebSockets from your serverless apps with a few lines of code. Related Links: Build real-time Apps with Azure Functions and Azure SignalR Service […]

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Azure Design Developer

Going real-time with SignalR Core and the Azure SignalR Service

Online chat, real-time dashboards, social media sites and even games are just a few examples of where real-time technology can make a huge impact on user experience. ASP.NET Core SignalR is an open-source library that simplifies adding real-time functionality to your applications. In this episode, Anthony Chu comes on to talk about how we can […]

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