Ania Kubow

Generative AI

First look at OpenAI Codex

In this video, Ania Kubow shares her insights into OpenAI Codex beta version, and how she built an entire website using only 152 spoken words.

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Build 3 Financial Apps via Low-Code

Learn how to build 3 financial apps using low-code solutions from Ania Kubów, an ex-financial Broker turned Software Developer. Timestamps (0:00:00) Introduction (0:01:53) Course Outline (0:02:45) Low-Code vs No-Code (0:04:17) Retool and Compatible Integrations (0:04:48) Building a Trade Dashboard (0:05:34) Integrating Google Sheets (0:59:22) Using Slack API (1:12:48) Building a Crypto Dashboard (1:13:12) Integrating a […]

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Binary Search Explained in 5 minutes

Ania Kubów walks through the Binary Search algorithm.  In 5 minutes, we cover some cool facts about Binary Search, as well as two use cases, one even being a MAGIC TRICK that you might have seen before and wondered how it’s done! I even show you one example from the book by Aditya Bhargava, Grokking […]

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GameDev Javasscript

Learn JavaScript by Building 7 Games

In this tutorial course from, you will learn JavaScript by coding 7 retro grid-based games. Learn by doing and have 7 great projects for your career portfolio by the end of the course. Each game is done with minimal styling for you to take and make your own. Course contents: ⌨️ (01:55) Memory Game […]

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