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Justin Harrison on Virtual Posthumous Communications

In this episode of Data Driven, Andy and I interview Justin Harrison, the founder and CEO of YOV, You Only Virtual. YOV aims to develop means to provide posthumous communications, or being able to converse with the dead. This is not done via paranormal communications, seances, or Ouija boards, this is using AI to preserve […]

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Prateek Joshi on Using Data to Help the Earth

In this episode, Andy and I speak to Prateek Joshi about how data can be used to reduce emissions, optimize resource utilization, and more. Listen below or at the Data Driven website.

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Jeff Coyle on AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing

In this episode, Andy and I welcome Jeff Coyle to the show. Jeff is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Market Muse.  Market Muse is the industry-leading technology and methodology for content planning and evaluation via semantic relevance. It combines advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce actionable insights […]

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Dave Wentzel on the Importance of Design Thinking

In this episode Andy and I welcome back Dave Wentzel to the show to talk about the importance of design thinking to data and software projects. Links Data Channel – Save 60% on monthly subscription: Launch497 Save 75% on annual subscription: DataChannel4Life Impact Quantum

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High Impact Tuesday

Livestream from earlier today with Andy Leonard. No tags,

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Quantum Computing is Already Here!

In this episode, Andy and I welcomed Brian Lenahan to the Impact Quantum. Brian is Founder & Chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute, a collaboration of quantum experts and enthusiasts from around the globe enabling business to understand the technology, its potential and its practical applications. This episode is entitled “Quantum is Here” and is […]

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Matteo Interlandi on Project Hummingbird

Hello and Welcome to Data Driven. In this episode, Frank and Andy speak with researcher Matteo Interlandi about project Hummingbird. Listen below or at the episode page on the Data Driven website. Transcript Transcript 00:00:00 BAILey Hello and welcome to dated driven. 00:00:02 BAILey In this episode, Frank and Andy speak with researcher Matteo Interlandi […]

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Data Driven Space

Tyler Browder on Brining the Cloud to Space, Kids, and Country Music

In this episode, Andy and I chat with Tyler Browder, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kubos, the world’s first cloud-based mission control software. Kubos’s “Major Tom” software is a cutting edge mission control platform for low-earth orbit satellites.  Data and space. Does it get any cooler than that? Listen below or on the show’s page […]

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Andy Leonard’s Excellent Data Adventure

In this episode, we turned the microphones on ourselves one more time and ask the questions we ask (almost) all our guests to my favorite data engineer and brother from another mother, Andy Leonard.

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