AWS Generative AI

Data Strategy Unravelled: Data Leadership and Generative AI with Randy Bean | Amazon Web Services

In this episode of Data Strategy Unravelled Khendr’a Reid, Principal Data Strategy Tech Specialist at AWS, meets with Randy Bean, Innovation Fellow at Wavestone, to discuss his thoughts on the results from recent CDOIQ report completed in partnership with AWS on “Navigating Data and Generative AI Frontiers”.

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AI Hardware Red Hat

Accelerated AI Made Easy with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science on Intel

Intel wants to bring AI everywhere. They are leveraging their portfolio (Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel Atom® processors, Habana Gaudi for deep learning, and Intel® Data Center GPU Flex series) with native integrations on the Red Hat OpenShift Data Science platform.

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Data Science Red Hat

Partner Spotlight: Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

In this video is from Starburst, learn how Red Hat OpenShift Data Science can simplify and accelerate your AI/ML projects.

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AWS Data

AWS Glue 5th Anniversary Developer Retrospective | Amazon Web Services

AWS Glue serverless ETL and Data integration service celebrates its 5th anniversary. Watch this video to meet the engineers who built Glue from the ground-up, and hear their vision for Glue’s future.

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AI Data

How Data and AI Are Revolutionizing Telecoms

Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer, AT&T, dives into how AT&T leverages analytics and AI to improve the customer experience and shares his perspectives on change management, business value realization and talent development. Andy also sheds light on AT&T’s AI use cases and governance frameworks as well as their experience using Databricks to drive innovation in […]

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CMS Data Summit 2022 Self Service Analytics

Self Service Analytics and Model Development session from CMS Data Summit in September 2022

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Data Microsoft

Real-world Demo of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Sharieff Mansour, a leader on the Data and AI team at Microsoft, joins Jeremy Chapman for a closer look at how databases, analytics, machine learning, and governance come together in the Intelligent Data Platform. See how you can use these integrated services to build powerful new apps or modernize your current ones.

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AWS Big Data Data

AWS Innovate 2022 – Data Edition

Organizations are managing more data than ever before and there’s no sign of that slowing down. At AWS Innovate – Data Edition, learn from AWS experts on how a modern data strategy can support your present and future use cases including steps to build an end-to-end data solution to store and access, analyze and visualize, […]

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AI Career Ethics

Hiring in Analytics and Improving Data Literacy with Tim Freestone

A company’s success directly correlates with its people which is why employers and HR/talent acquisition personnel are constantly improving how they find, hire, and retain the best candidates. Data analytics plays a major role in this process. In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay is joined by Tim Freestone, founder of Alooba, […]

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Shorts – 3 Value Considerations

In this video, Chris Seferlis covers the three most valuable aspects of Azure synapse. The only complete analytics solution, the ability to use serverless and provisioned compute clusters, and the most secure data management tool available. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe.

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