AI Natural Language Processing

What’s new in Text Analytics for Health?

In this video, Ashly Yeo will demo the exciting announcement made at MS Build about What’s new in Text Analytics for Health.

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Computer Vision Microsoft

Computer Vision for Spatial Analysis

Computer Vision is an Azure Cognitive Service which runs vision AI on images, and is a new feature of the Computer Vision service. It runs Vision AI on live and recorded video streams to understand people’s movement in physical spaces. Learn More: Computer Vision Doc

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AI Ethics

Why You’re Not Solving the Problem You Think You’re Solving with AI

Join Seth Juarez as he delves into ethical concerns with AI with Josh Lovejoy, who leads Design for Microsoft Ethics & Society within Cloud + AI, and Sarah Bird, who leads Responsible AI for Cognitive Services. This video explores how to think about Ethical AI and how to ensure the software you build is designed, […]

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AI Azure

OSS Framework Support in Azure Machine Learning Service

Learn how Azure ML supports Open Source ML Frameworks and MLflow in AzureML. Take a walk through a ScikitLearn and Pytorch example to show the built in support for ML frameworks. Learn More: Azure ML Examples Azure ML Curated Environments Track and Monitor ML Flow Create a Free account (Azure) Deep […]

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AI Microsoft

PowerPoint Designer: Powered by Azure Machine Learning Service

Powerpoint Designer utilizes machine learning to provide users with redesigned slides to maximize their engagement and visual appeal. Up to 4.1 million Designer slides are created daily and the Designer team is adding new types of content continuously. Time Index: [02:39] Demo – PowerPoint suggests design ideas to help users build memorable slides effortlessly [03:28] […]

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