ai chips


Why is everyone building AI Chips?

AI Chip Boom is already here. What does this mean and what’s next?

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AI Research

3 Trends in AI You Need to Know About

In this video AnastasiInTech shares key trends in Artificial Intelligence you need to know about.

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AI Future

Are Neuromorphic Chips the Future of AI?

In this video learn why why Neuromorphic Chips are the future of AI, TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – Intro 00:32 – Phenom AI day (Ad) 01:03 – What is Neuromorphic Chip 03:19 – Intel Loihi explained 07:16 – New Intel Loihi 2 09:45 – Analog Neuromorphic chip by Rain Neuromorphic 10:45 – Digital Neuromorphic chip SpiNNaker 13:15 […]

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AI Hardware

The AI Hardware Problem

The abundance of automation and tooling made it relatively manageable to scale designs in complexity and performance as demand grew. However, the power being consumed by AI and machine learning applications cannot feasibly grow as is on existing processing architectures. Where do we go from here? New Mind explores.

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