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How will AI change the world?

This video is from TED-Ed. In the coming years, artificial intelligence is probably going to change your life— and likely the entire world. But people have a hard time agreeing on exactly how AI will affect our society. Can we build AI systems that help us fix the world? Or are we doomed to a […]

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AI Research

The Rise of AGI: How to Prepare for the Next Technological Revolution

This video is from David Ondrej. Soon AGI will be created, yet most people are grossly unprepared. In this AI course I will show you exactly what you need to do to thrive in the post-AGI world.

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AI Ethics Research

Experts Stunned by Rapid AI Progress: New Survey Reveals

Sabine Hossenfelder has very interesting results from a survey among 3000 AI experts. The most interesting result is that they now think AI is going to change the world even faster than they said just a year ago. Both human level machine intelligence and full automation of labor could happen this century. The paper is […]

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Unleashing the Potential: Sam Altman’s Latest AI Model Takes Over Twitter

It’s only February and 2024 is shaping to be the most INSANE year in the history of AI. Every other day we have a new breakthrough. The AI revolution waits for NO ONE. Take action now, or you’ll be left behind.

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AI Ethics

Here’s What Ethical AI Really Means

This video from Philosophy Tube provides a perspective on ethical AI.

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AWS Interesting

Jeff Bezos Talks About Amazon and Blue Origin

Lex Fridman interviews .Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin.

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Now Anyone can Access Your Personal Chats with GPT?!

This research paper shows how, with a simple prompt attack, people can extract GPT training data, including your ChatGPT chats, personal information, copyrighted material, and so on. Goda Go explains.

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10 AI Predictions for 2024

This video is from David Shapiro provides his top 10 predictions for AI in the new year.

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What Is Q*? The Leaked AGI BREAKTHROUGH That Almost Killed OpenAI

In this video, Matthew Berman breaks down every piece of information we have about Q*, the revolutionary AGI breakthrough that has been leaked from OpenAI. Everyone in the AI community has been scrambling to figure out what it is, and I’ve collected everything I can on the subject. So, what is Q*? Is it AGI?

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