Collins Aerospace is transforming data into value with Databricks Lakehouse

Collins Aerospace is using airplane data from multiple aviation sources, through its Ascentia platform, to quickly and easily analyze data and predict future maintenance needs.

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The Space Economy is About to Get a Lot Bigger

Bloomberg Quicktake explores the booming business and economy of Space. As space becomes more accessible to private enterprise, many companies are hoping to make it not just possible, but affordable to put objects into orbit. Now a startup called Astra is on the verge of launching rockets at a fraction of the cost to competitors, […]

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This Photon-Printed Carbon Is Stronger Than Diamond

Scientists might have reached the theoretical limit of how strong this particular material can get, designing the first-ever super-light carbon nanostructure that’s stronger than diamond. The latest development in the nanoworld of carbon comes from a team that has designed something called carbon plate-nanolattices. Under a scanning electron microscope, they look like little cubes, and […]

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Interesting Science

The Insane Engineering of the SR-71 Blackbird

Real Engineering takes a closer look at the SR-71’s amazing engineering.

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Airbus and Microsoft team up to sell holographic tech to airlines, defense and aerospace companies
Microsoft Virtual Reality

Airbus and Microsoft Team Up to Sell Holographic Tech

After four years using HoloLens internally, Airbus is partnering with the tech company to sell specialized holographic programs using the mixed-reality headsets. Microsoft HoloLens helps workers train on a virtual aircraft engine. (Airbus Photo) After four years using Microsoft’s HoloLens internally, aerospace giant Airbus is partnering with the tech company to sell specialized holographic programs […]

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