Bring Your Own Container: Using Docker Images In Production

Databricks highlights how Condé Nast uses Docker images in production.

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Newer AT&T Spot: "You Will" 2020 Edition

AT&T Tech Channel shares an updated version of the “You Will” commercials. I’m not sure if the video is from 2011, as the YouTube timestamp indicates or 2020. Either way, the technology is definitely within the realm of possibility of 2011 or 2020, but just not practical yet. Interesting nod to work from home at […]

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Why are there so many ads on YouTube lately?

Have you noticed the massive increase in advertising on YouTube videos lately? xjet has also and explains what’s going on. Have you wondered why? Here’s my theory and here is why I believe it is a threat to all monetized creators.

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What’s next for Intelligence Automation in advertising?
AI TensorFlow

What’s next for Intelligence Automation in Advertising?

Here’s an interesting read on how AI is changing brand management, customer experience, and advertising. Starbucks uses AI to link up with their rewards members’ accounts and take into account things such as order history, customer preferences, weather conditions, time of day, holiday and even birthdays to make drink and food suggestions. They use weather […]

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