Zip Vs Range – Which is Faster?

Today Mariya will empirically measure the speed of both algorithms within for loops and within comprehensions.

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Azure SQL

Managing SQL Server Agent jobs with Notebook Jobs in Azure Data Studio | Data Exposed: MVP Edition

In this episode of Data Exposed: MVP Edition, Taiob Ali will walk you through every step of Notebook Jobs. Time stamps: 0:00 Show begins 0:31 About Taiob Ali 1:34 Benefits of SQL Server Agent Jobs 4:50 Demo 12:30 Getting Started Resources: Github: About Taiob Ali: Taiob Ali, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, is an accomplished […]

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Azure Azure SQL

Migrating to Azure SQL

In this video with Rajesh Setlem, learn about the new integrated assessment and migration experience for Azure SQL from Azure Data Studio (ADS) as well as how easy it is to get started.

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Autonomous Vehicles IoT

Mastering Very Long Software Cycles in Automotive

Invest in Finland hosted this webinar about the unique challenges of writing software in the automotive industry. Digitalization, Connectivity, Electrification, Mobility Services and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are all becoming standard elements in Automotive Design. This trend has led to OEMs having to deal with the exponential increase in Software Content while attempting to […]

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Azure SQL Server

How to Connect to Azure SQL Database from Azure Data Studio

Want to get started with Azure Data Studio but don’t know where to begin? In this video, Anna Hoffman shows you how to get connected to Azure SQL Database for the first time using Azure Data Studio.

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