Adi Polak


Accelerating Data Engineering with Azure

Erez Atiya, Software Engineer lead at RedisLabs, joins Adi Polak to discuss how RedisLabs is built on top of Redis Open Source solutions, how closely they work with the community and why Redis is the most loved DataBase OSS in the world according to StackOverflow. Erez shares what is Azure Cache for Redis and their […]

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Azure Startups

Data Management and External Organization Collaboration

Guy Hizkiau, VP R&D and Product at SpecterX, a rising startup in External Data Management Solution, Joins Adi Polak to discuss how Data management evolves and how organizations should reconsider the way they share secure data during external organization collaboration.  Guy shares how they leverage Office 365, Azure Information Protection, and Microsoft Cloud App Security […]

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Always Know What to Expect from Your Data

Annette Bieniusa, Co-founder of Concordant, Joins Adi Polak to discuss how Concordant leverage CRDTs for enabling multiple Edges/IoT devices to share consistent data more efficiently without relying on network connections. 

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Superconductive Helps You Always Know What to Expect from Your Data

Join Adi Polak for an interesting conversation with James Campbell and Abe Gong of Superconductive  .  James and Abe share the story of how their startups started as an open source solution for Data Quality challenges. Why Data Quality issues are on the raise now. And how they still work closely with the community to develop […]

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Azure SQL Azure Synapse

Introduction to Serverless SQL: Hands-on Workshop

Gain hands-on experience with running interactive queries using Azure Synapse SQL Serverless in this workshop.

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Big Data Spark

How to Use SQL with Delta Lake

Delta Lake is an open-source storage management system (storage layer) that brings ACID transactions and time travel to Apache Spark and big data workloads. The latest and greatest of Delta Lake 0.7.0 requires Apache Spark 3 and among the features is a full coverage of SQL DDL and DML commands.

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DevOps Startups

From Open Source to a Successful Startup

Microsoft Developer’s Adi Polak interviews Casey O’Mara for an exceptional conversation about the technology that powers JFrog, how it all started, their unique DevOps platform , how they use GitHub Actions, VS Code and more!

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Autonomous Vehicles Startups

How Wayve Is Disrupting Autonomous Driving

Adi Polak interviews Alex Kendall, co-founder, and CEO of Wayve, who raised more than 40M$ to kickstart the biggest vehicle academy.   Alex shares the technology that powers Wayve, how they are building the largest autonomous driving academy in the world, and what the future holds for this ever-growing ecosystem.     To scale their solution, the three-year-old […]

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