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How Active Directory is Used at work in the Real world: Best Practice and tips

certain tools and systems form the bedrock upon which modern enterprises stand. Among these, Active Directory (AD) is a cornerstone, a silent sentinel managing the digital identities and relationships that keep the corporate world spinning. Yet, for those newly initiated into the world of IT, Active Directory can seem like a labyrinthine puzzle, a complex […]

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Learn the Basics of Active Directory, DHCP & DNS for Entry Level Tech Support

This is a Crash Course for Active Directory, DHCP & DNS for Entry Level Tech Support. Specifically designed so that it’s easy to follow and understand.

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Azure Windows

Learn Microsoft Active Directory (ADDS) in 30mins

With a skillset that focuses purely on the cloud, it can leave some some companies vulnerable in terms of a lack of knowledge with on premises systems such a Windows Server 2019. In this video get a look inside Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services ADDS in order to bring you up to speed in exactly […]

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Power BI User Lookup via Gateway Using Active Directory

In this video, Adam from Guy in a Cube looks at how you can use Active Directory custom attributes for the user lookup with the Power BI Gateway. This can be used for both Analysis Services mapping and the Kerberos SSO with DirectQuery connections.

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