In this episode, Abel and Damian talk about why DevOps is important for on prem applications. They’ll walk through creating a CI/CD pipeline for our VM-based application and database using Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions.

Time stamps:

  • [00:53] Why do we even bother with DevOps?
  • [01:49] Where do we start?
  • [02:36] Demo: Creating a Pipeline in Azure Pipelines
  • [06:30] Building our artifacts
  • [07:15] Configuring environments
  • [10:05] Deploying to environments
  • [13:29] Doing it in GitHub Actions

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Migrating to the cloud requires some investigation on the resources required.  Jay and Abel will look at how to begin the Lift and Shift process by reviewing the hosts and determining needs.

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In this episode of DevOpsLab, Abel and Dan discuss the different integration points between Azure Boards and GitHub. 

We will answer the questions of: Why use Azure Boards for planning and GitHub for code? What are the benefits of using them both together and what is the Azure Boards App in GitHub? What problem does it solve? What are the open source actions for and how to use them?

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Create a Free Azure DevOps Account

Abel Wang is joined by Asaf Yigal to discuss streamline observability with’s open source-based Cloud Observability platform. See how the platform unifies the best breed open source monitoring tools (Kibana, Grafana, and Jaeger) on a single pane of glass for faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis. Learn about additional benefits such as’s Azure-native integration, out-of-the-box alerts, machine learning Insights and collection cost-efficiency features.

Time Index:

  • [02:54] Demo start time
  • [04:11] Grafana and Kibana correlation
  • [04:56] Create an Alert
  • [06:00] Log Patterns
  • [07:08] Jaeger Integration
  • [07:19] Insights
  • [09:37] Cost Efficiency
  • [11:08] Azure Integration

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Sean Ferguson joins Abel Wang to chat about a new added Deployment control that integrates work items with Releases.

With this control, you can track where and when your completed work item is being deployed. All from the work itself.

Time Index:

  • [00:34] – Context of the Deployments Control
  • [01:18] – Pipeline Configuration
  • [02:26] – Make a code change, link to work item, and commit
  • [03:06] – Start the release
  • [03:25] – Deployment control to view stages
  • [05:07] – Recap and summary

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In this episode, Abel Wang chats down with Ram and Gopal about how you can do DevOps into SAP – a traditionally difficult task.

SAP developers have unique challenges beyond what we find with other software development. Continuous integration and delivery is difficult because of the way that code is integrated deeply into the SAP system itself.

But there’s a way to deliver fantastic outcomes using great DevOps practices to deliver solutions for SAP using both SAP itself, and Azure DevOps. Join Ram and Gopal to find out how!

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