Science Virtual Reality

Real Holograms are Finally Here!

Silicon Valley start-up Light Field Lab has created a hologram so real that we may finally get the holograms promised in science fiction.

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Video Production

Creating a Giant Sci-Fi Laser Gun in After Effects

I know that this is somewhat off topic for a site devoted to Data Science and AI, but it’s Saturday and I aspire to do more VFX laden videos. That and Film Riot is fun to watch even if you have no idea what they’re taking about. Plus, they show off some NVIDIA gear and […]

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AI Interesting Video Production

How Netflix’s ‘Klaus’ Made 2D Animation Look 3D

“Klaus,” Netflix’s first animated film, is an origin story of Santa Claus and uses an innovative technique to make 2D animation appear 3D.

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Azure Data Data Visualization

Introducing SandDance: Data Visualization in Azure Data Studio

SandDance provides data visualization in the context of the data you are operating in and gives you interactive data exploration where you can quickly find pattern, trends and anomalies from the data. It’s rich interactive 3D viewer gives the effects of different attributes on the data and its ease of use provides data engineers with […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

AI Learns to Park with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Samuel Arzt shows off a project where an AI learns to park a car in a parking lot in a 3D physics simulation. The simulation was implemented using Unity’s ML-Agents framework (https://unity3d.com/machine-learning). From the video description: The AI consists of a deep Neural Network with 3 hidden layers of 128 neurons each. It is trained […]

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AI Generative AI

Artistic Style Transfer, Now in 3D!

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Fast Example-Based Stylization with Local Guidance” in this video.

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AI Computer Vision Generative AI

DeepMind’s AI Learned a Better Understanding of 3D Scenes

Two Minute Papers takes a look at DeepMind’s recent paper on understanding 3D scenes. Watch the video to find out why this a big deal.

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How AI Will Change the 3D Industry

In this session from the Blender Conference 2018, learn how AI will change yet another industry.

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