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Blender 4.1 – Create Virtual Worlds…For Free!

This video is from Two Minute Papers.

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Meet The Singapore Startup Aiming To Take On Apple And Meta With AI-Powered Smart Glasses

Forbes Asia highlights Brilliant Labs: a three-person startup is aiming to outmaneuver the giants of Silicon Valley in its quest to develop augmented reality glasses for the masses. A tall order? Yes. But Brilliant Labs has the backing of some big-name investors, so don’t write them off just yet.

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100% Open-Source AI Glasses Only $349 (with OpenAI & Perplexity)

Frame is a new, open-source pair of AI glasses that looks promising. I’m thinking about buying a pair to try them out. I love all of these new AI devices and want to try them all, and I’m incredibly excited because this is open-source.

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AI Data Driven Quantum Computing Virtual Reality

Rene Schulte on the Evolution of AI and Its Impact Across Industries

On the latest episode of ‘Data Driven,’ I had the pleasure of inviting Rene Schulte, a luminary in the fields of AI, AR, VR, spatial computing, and quantum computing. Rene shared fascinating personal insights, including his upbringing in former East Germany and his passion for working with innovation-driving communities at Reply. The future-forward chat explored […]

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Interesting Virtual Reality

Why Are 3D Artists Switching To Blender

This video is from InspirationTuts. Since the release of Blender 2.8, 3D artists, especially veteran 3D artists, are switching to Blender. It seems like everybody in the last couple of years has abandoned Autodesk and other companies to join Blender, but what about some professionals who say it is just a hobbyist 3D software? How […]

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ChatGPT + Blender Will BLOW Your Mind!

Jake In Motion shows you how using ChatGPT will help you get more out of Blender. And besides just learning Blender, ChatGPT also helped me create two Add-ons that make lighting scenes SO much easier! I now have a Target Light option in my lights menu and a Cyc Wall object in the Mesh menu. […]

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2023 Blender Conference: Don’t Miss the Keynote

This video is the Blender Conference Keynote by Ton Roosendaal Blender.

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