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AI News: Smile the AI Powered Toothbrush is here

This video is from FranksWorldTV. .

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Diving into Re:Invent 2023: Open Sourcing Dingo and Being in the Top 2.5 Percent of Podcasts

In this jam-packed episode, Andy and I delve into a wide range of topics, from the chaos of podcast scheduling and the allure of Cyber Week deals, to the behind-the-scenes world of data engineering and AI professionals. Join us as we journey through the challenges of podcasting, the important roles of data engineers, and the […]

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Iain Thomas on What Makes Us Human? Democratizing Creativity with AI

In this fascinating discussion, I sit down with author, poet, and AI enthusiast about the nature of creativity, particularly in light of recent innovations in so called “generative AI.” The episode ends with a powerful reading from his most recent book “What Makes Us Human,” in which an Artificial Intelligence answers some of life’s biggest questions. […]

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Mark Tabladillo on Ethics in AI, Changing Seasons, & Quantum Computing

Show #309 of Data Driven marks a special occasion as Data Driven welcomes our first Three Pete guest, Mark Tabladillo. In his third appearance on the podcast, Mark is Cloud Solution Architect on the Strategic Missions and Technology team at Microsoft. Enjoy the show.

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New Video Upload : Metaverse Mavens Podcast Announcement

Metaverse Mavens Podcast Announcement

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R and Python: Kristen Kehrer on Statistics, Data Poetry, and Dunkies Made by Headliner

Kristen Kehrer on Statistics, Data Poetry, and Dunkies Made by Headliner Listen to the whole episode at https://datadriven.tv/episodes/on-statistics-data-poetry-and-dunkies/

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Kristen Kehrer on Statistics, Data Poetry, and Dunkies

In this episode of Data Driven, I interview Kristen Kehrer, developer advocate at CometML and host of the Cool Data Projects Show. In case, you’re wondering where is Andy. He was unable to make the recording due to a last minute schedule change. The show must go on, after all. Learn more about CometML https://www.comet.com/?utm_source=kristen&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=online_kristen_2022 Related […]

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Debunking Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claims, Learning resources, and using Quantum Computers to better predict the weather

The latest happenings in Quantum Computing brought to you by our favorite AI presenter. Scientists say they’ve debunked Google’s quantum supremacy claims once and for all https://www.techradar.com/news/scientists-say-theyve-debunked-googles-quantum-supremacy-claims-once-and-for-all Everything you wanted to know about quantum computing, but were afraid to ask https://discover.lanl.gov/news/0804-quantum-computing Sign Up for Qiskit Quantum Explorers! Quantinuum Makes A Significant Quantum Computing Breakthrough By […]

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The Qubit Before Christmas

In this episode, I read my poem “The Qubit Before Christmas” a quantum inspired version of the holiday classic poem. Have a listen. Links Frank’s Original LinkedIn Post https://www.linkedin.com/posts/frank-lavigne_twas-the-qubit-before-christmas-and-all-through-activity-6880337657478553600-f3ud The Qubit Before Christmas by Frank La Vigne ‘Twas the Qubit before Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring; not even Schroedinger’s […]

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