Big Data Data Infographics

Top Careers to Explore in Data

A career in data is more than data engineering or data science, here’s a great infographic on Twitter about the career options in Big Data.

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Infographics Natural Language Processing Python

5 Natural Language Processing Libraries

Here’s a list of 5 NLP libraries for Python. If you prefer infographics to video, then scroll to the bottom of this post.

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AI Economics of AI Infographics

Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over First

Doctor Who recently released an episode looking at a future where robots took up most of the workforce. In that reality, companies had to hit a “biological quota” of 10% of their employees being human. A silly, unrealistic future, right? Well, maybe not. Recent research from RS Online has found there’s a very real possibility […]

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AI Infographics

Age of AI Infographic

I love infographics and I love AI. When you combine the two, you definitely get my attention. Here’s an interesting look at the history of artificial intelligence put together by Stanford and it goes further back than you may think.

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Infographics Machine Learning

Evolution of Machine Learning Infographic

Here’s a fascinating look at the history and evolution of machine learning [found via LinkedIn]    

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Infographics Microsoft

Is Microsoft Actually More Successful Than Apple?

Microsoft and Apple- both these tech giants brought computers to the fingertips of people all around the world. Both got their start around the same time and both became iconic worldwide brands in a short period of time. Both diversified in different directions yet still competed fiercely for market share. Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft. […]

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Blockchain Infographics

Real World Blockchain Use Cases Infographic

Whenever I talk about Blockchain to most people, I am almost guaranteed to get two responses. Folks will either confuse Blockchain with Bitcoin or claim that Blockchain is a solution looking for a problem. Well, thanks to this infographic, the latter response is no longer an issue. 🙂 [h/t to Ricardo Fernández]

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AI Infographics

History of Chatbots Infographic

In case you’re of the mindset that chatbots are new, then take a look at this infographic and learn the history of bots.

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Big Data Infographics

Big Data Exploration Infographic

While the content is skewed towards IBM and their technology stack, the fundamentals hold true.

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Data Infographics

Unlocking Big Data Infographic

Here’s an interesting infographic on Big Data. [found via Twitter]

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