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AI Data Data Science Guest Post

Data Forensics in Police Case Work

The following is a guest post by Ainsely Lawrence Digital technology has improved life in numerous ways, and we are now more connected than ever. Yet for all of their positive traits, the digital devices we rely on are highly vulnerable to cybercrime and similar nefarious activities like catfishing. If your network isn’t secure, hackers […]

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Ethics Guest Post

Maintaining Ethical Standards With Online Data Collection

The following is a guest post by Ainsley Lawrence When it comes to online data collection, ethics are paramount. Maintaining ethical standards with online data collection helps you verify the integrity of the information. Plus, it enables you to do everything in your power to protect data and prevent it from falling into the wrong […]

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Covid Pandemic Guest Post IoT Security

Considering Multiple Angles of Cybersecurity in Product Development

The following is a guest post Today, cybersecurity plays a key role in software engineering and development. To understand why, consider the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has created a “cyber pandemic.” A study conducted by the Center of Internet Security (CIS) revealed 26% of security and IT leaders reported an […]

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AI Covid Pandemic Guest Post

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Machine Learning and Data Science

The following is a guest post by Gloria Kopp. Gloria Kopp is a passionate blogger from Wyoming, MI and understands the value of good content. She is currently working as a Content Executive at Postal Worker Job. Gloria writes blogs and articles to share her passion for writing. She helps beginners with essay help UK. […]

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Data Science Guest Post

How is Data Science Affecting Mental Healthcare

The following is a guest post by Ainsley Lawrence, a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in topics related to better living through education and technology. She is frequently lost in a good book. It likely hasn’t escaped your notice just how much our contemporary society relies on data. From a business […]

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What is AI fuzzing? And why it may be the next big cybersecurity threat
Developer Guest Post

4 Myths About Coding for Kids

This article originally appeared on As Computer Science continues to weave itself into more aspects of everyday life, the term “coding” has become ubiquitous throughout society. However, because a lot of the code executed in our everyday lives is embedded deep within the systems of the objects we use, there are many misconceptions regarding […]

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Top 5 Open Source Data Tools for Every Data Scientist
Guest Post Machine Learning

About Data Annotation And Its Role In Machine Learning

The following is a guest post by Katherine Rundell. 1. Data annotation: what is it? Data annotation is the process in which the raw data present in various formats such as text, video or images is labelled, in order to add vital information. In this day and age, machine learning is growing fast, and it […]

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Guest Post Security

How Do You Know a VPN Really Secures Your Data

The following is a guest post by Emily Walsh. Besides using a VPN to unblock online content, you also likely use it to enjoy better online privacy. After all, it encrypts your data, so you should be safe when you’re surfing the web, right? That’s true, but here’s a question – how do you actually […]

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AI Covid Pandemic Guest Post

AI Against COVID-19 – How Would IT Will Overcome This Virus?

The following is a guest post by Amanda Jerelyn. She is currently working as an IT Manager at Dissertation Assistance. She is a working-from-home single mother who has significant experience of working with AI from her previous job. Now she spends most of her time blogging about her experiences and sharing them with a like-minded […]

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Raspberry Pi 4 Powered Open Source Hardware Robot Paves the Way for Robot Maids
AI Guest Post

Driving Customers? How Much is AI Playing a Part?

The following is a guest post by Ashley Halsey. While artificial intelligence (AI) has taken off dramatically over the last few years and can now pretty much be found in any industry or niche of business from scientific applications to causal smartphone apps that can do practically anything you care to name. However, how has […]

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