Future Gadgets

World’s First Commercial 3D Printed Coilgun

The Arcflash Labs EMG-01A (Electro-Magnetic Gun – 01 Alpha) is an 8 stage, IGBT switched, low voltage capacitor augmented fully automatic coilgun. It features 8 IGBT stages, each with an independent infrared optical gate. The fire control and sequencing of the coils is controlled by a nanosecond-precise microcontroller switching IGBT gates which allows for firing […]

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Gadgets Interesting

Starlink Internet Unboxing

Kramer just got Starlink Internet and shows us what’s in the box..

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Android Gadgets

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen

Unbox Therapy unboxes the Hachi Infinite M1, an interactive smart projector turns any flat surface into a touchscreen.

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Gadgets Livestream Science

Jiusion USB Microscope Unboxing

Recently, I picked up a USB microscope for the kids and to help with reading PCBs. Here’s an unboxing video that shows off what comes in the package.

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Gadgets Smartphones

Why Has Battery Technology Lagged Behind?

The Verge ponders why battery technology has lagged behind the remarkable innovations in smartphone technology.

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Gadgets Science

BBC Click on How Powerful Can e-Racing Cars Be?

BBC Click drops into the driver’s seat in this in-depth look at the tech behind Formula E. (and more)

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Android Apple Gadgets Interesting

Why Google, Amazon, And Apple Are In Your Car

My favorite feature of my new car is Android Auto. It’s a clever way to leverage any smartphone to provide an advanced interface to music, navigation, and more. Here’s an interesting video from CNBC on how Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are partnering with automotive companies to bring phones and artificial intelligence into vehicles.

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Business Gadgets

Inside The First-Ever Tesla Race Car

Electric Production Car Series is an upcoming racing championship featuring the world’s first Tesla race car. The car used for the series is a Model S P100D that has been optimized for competing. Electric GT, the series’ owner, continues working and planning for the championship’s inaugural season.

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Gadgets Hardware

Affordable In-Home 10GbE Networking

With more an more devices connected to your home network, bandwidth at home is starting to get stretched thin. Craft Computing explores the lower cost options for cranking up the speeds on your home network.

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