Funny Microsoft

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 1992

A retro commercial for Microsoft Excel Video that shows us how far we’ve come in the spreadsheet world.

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Drones Funny Science

What Happens If You Fly a Drone In An Elevator? Real Experiment!

In this video, the Action Lab guy flies a drone in an elevator to see what happens when the elevator goes to a different floor. Will the drone move with it or stay in its relative position? Then I also try to actively control the drone in order to see if I can keep it […]

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Funny Site Updates

Thanksgiving Throwback: The Frank’s World TV Thanksgiving Special

Here’s a throwback from six years ago, when I used some my early VFX to make it look like I had a special guest. No La Vignes were harmed in the filming of this video. Also, Avril’s presence is phony. The dog’s speech, however, is genuine and heartfelt.

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Developer Funny

Reviewing Programming Meme with George Hotz

Memes are the spice of internet-connected life. In this interview, the legendary Lex Fridman interviews the equally legendary George Hotz as they go over programming memes together. 

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Economics of AI Funny

A Little AI Humor

While the AI future may be here and the consequences may be dire in the short term, the longer term outlook may not be so bad.

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Funny Mathematics

Logarithms Explained Bob Ross style

Tibees delivers a math lesson about logarithms inspired by the legendary painter Bob Ross.

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