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Azure Data @ Microsoft Fabric Community Conference 2024 | Data Exposed Exclusive

In this Data Exposed Exclusive, join Anna Hoffman, Bob Ward, and Jason Himmelstein as they discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Fabric Community Conference!

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Introduction to Vector Search

High level introduction to Vector Search from Databricks. Brief demonstration of how to index a Delta table and execute similarity search using Databricks Vector Search’s new offering.

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How to survive 100x scaling events: Picking the right technologies early

In mid 2023, the tech world as we know exploded. LLMs took the first steps towards providing AGI capabilities for everyday use and every company in the world was looking at how it might change their business model. In this video from CockroachDB, learn from Noteable CTO and Co-Founder Matthew Seal how team achieved staying […]

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Data Analyst Bootcamp for Beginners (SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Excel, Pandas, Projects, more)

Become a data analyst by following along with this massive course from You will learn the core topics that data analysts need to know. And along the way, you will build plenty of projects to gain hands-on experience. ✏️ Bootcamp developed by @AlexTheAnalyst 🔗 Analyst Builder: 💻 Access the datasets used here:

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Azure SQL DB High Availability & Disaster Recovery overview | Data Exposed

Learn the concepts of HA/DR and Availability and your options in Azure SQL DB to properly implement it on this video!

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