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AI Covid Pandemic Guest Post

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Machine Learning and Data Science

The following is a guest post by Gloria Kopp. Gloria Kopp is a passionate blogger from Wyoming, MI and understands the value of good content. She is currently working as a Content Executive at Postal Worker Job. Gloria writes blogs and articles to share her passion for writing. She helps beginners with essay help UK. […]

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A Bizarre COVID Side Effect No One is Talking About

A subset of COVID survivors are suffering from an unexpected side effect known as parosmia, a condition that causes their sense of smell to go haywire. Coffee smells like sewage and chicken smells like rotting garbage. Yara set out to learn how COVID is doing this to people, and what life is like when you […]

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Covid Pandemic Power Apps

Using the Power Platform to track COVID-19 in Public Schools

In this episode of Less Code More Power, join Dona and Sarah who talk with Megan McCarthy, a Epidemiology Program Manager at Florida’s Department of Health in Sumter County.

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Covid Pandemic Security

Did Lockdowns Cause A Spike in DDoS Attacks?

Another unintended consequence of the pandemic lockdowns. 

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Covid Pandemic Python

Fighting COVID with Python

Daan de Bruin’s presentation at PyData Eindhoven 2021 shows how Python can be used in the fight against COVID.

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Covid Pandemic Robotics

Meet the Virus Killing Robot

CES is virtual this year and here’s one innovation by TRC Robotics that will kill viruses by leveraging UV-C light.

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Covid Pandemic Data

X-RAIS: The Third Eye

The health emergency underway worldwide has highlighted the need to strengthen the surveillance and care of the sick at home, to avoid hospital overcrowding. X-RAIS is an AI tool, which as a third eye supports radiologists during the reporting phase of radiological images. Within this context, we extended X-RAIS capabilities with ALFABETO (ALl FAster BEtter […]

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Covid Pandemic IoT

Wearable Tech to Track Covid Symptoms

Bloomberg Technology highlights wearable tech that can detect and track Covid symptoms. Nov.25 — Dr. James Mault, founder and chief executive officer at BioIntelliSense, discusses the company’s technology that detects Covid-19 symptoms on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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6 training trends to watch that "will define the workplace in 2021"
Career Covid Pandemic

6 Training Trends That “will define the workplace in 2021”

Udemy published an article on Wednesday outlining the key findings of its 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report. The report detailed training courses that have seen a surge in demand on Udemy for Business, the company’s online learning platform. The company also analyzed organizational “learning behaviors” to identify six trends Udemy believes will “define the workplace […]

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How to Build a Face Mask Detector with Raspberry Pi
Computer Vision Covid Pandemic Facial Recognition Raspberry Pi

How to Build a Face Mask Detector with Raspberry Pi

I do not envy anyone who has to stand guard in front of a business and enforce any mask wearing policies. What if this task could be automated? Well, here’s an article that shows you how to set up a Raspberry Pi Face Mask Detection System and sound an alarm when someone is not wearing […]

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