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AI Covid Pandemic Guest Post

The Importance of Space Management in Hospitals

The following is a guest post by Ainsley Lawrence, a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She is interested in topics related to better living through education and technology. She is frequently lost in a good book. The trope of a “crowded hospital” is something no patient or healthcare professional wants to experience. If the […]

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Covid Pandemic Science

How COVID-19 is Tracked via Sewage

Sewers were one of the earliest and most impactful advents of public health in urban areas, and it’s exciting that we’re still finding new ways to use them to that end.

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Covid Pandemic Microsoft

What are the Characteristics, learnings, and challenges of thriving organizations?

In this panel discussion, find out the characteristics of thriving teams and organizations. Panelists: Ed Doran, Senior Director, Microsoft Research  Redmond Nancy Baym, Senior Principal Research Manager, Microsoft Research  New England Jonathan Larson, Principal Data Architect, Microsoft Research  Redmond Constance Hadley, Organizational Psychologist and Lecturer, Boston University

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Covid Pandemic Guest Post IoT Security

Considering Multiple Angles of Cybersecurity in Product Development

The following is a guest post Today, cybersecurity plays a key role in software engineering and development. To understand why, consider the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has created a “cyber pandemic.” A study conducted by the Center of Internet Security (CIS) revealed 26% of security and IT leaders reported an […]

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AI Covid Pandemic Guest Post

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Machine Learning and Data Science

The following is a guest post by Gloria Kopp. Gloria Kopp is a passionate blogger from Wyoming, MI and understands the value of good content. She is currently working as a Content Executive at Postal Worker Job. Gloria writes blogs and articles to share her passion for writing. She helps beginners with essay help UK. […]

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Covid Pandemic Uncategorized

A Bizarre COVID Side Effect No One is Talking About

A subset of COVID survivors are suffering from an unexpected side effect known as parosmia, a condition that causes their sense of smell to go haywire. Coffee smells like sewage and chicken smells like rotting garbage. Yara set out to learn how COVID is doing this to people, and what life is like when you […]

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Covid Pandemic Power Apps

Using the Power Platform to track COVID-19 in Public Schools

In this episode of Less Code More Power, join Dona and Sarah who talk with Megan McCarthy, a Epidemiology Program Manager at Florida’s Department of Health in Sumter County.

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Covid Pandemic Security

Did Lockdowns Cause A Spike in DDoS Attacks?

Another unintended consequence of the pandemic lockdowns. 

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Covid Pandemic Python

Fighting COVID with Python

Daan de Bruin’s presentation at PyData Eindhoven 2021 shows how Python can be used in the fight against COVID.

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Covid Pandemic Robotics

Meet the Virus Killing Robot

CES is virtual this year and here’s one innovation by TRC Robotics that will kill viruses by leveraging UV-C light.

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