Deep Learning

AI Deep Learning Neural Networks

Watching Neural Networks Learn

Emergent Garden provides this video about neural networks, function approximation, machine learning, and mathematical building blocks. Dennis Nedry did nothing wrong.

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AI Deep Learning Large Language Models

Are Retentive Networks A Successor to Transformer for Large Language Models?

Retention is an alternative to Attention in Transformers that can both be written in a parallel and in a recurrent fashion. This means the architecture achieves training parallelism while maintaining low-cost inference. Experiments in the paper look very promising. Yannic Kilcher elaborates.

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Bioinformatics Deep Learning Google

How DeepConsensus works

From Maria Nattestad’s work on the Genomics team in Google Health AI comes a video describing how DeepConsensus works to increase the quality of PacBio sequencing data using deep learning.

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