It was 23 years ago today, that I uploaded the first HTML, JPG, and GIF files that were Frank’s World.

The site has changed over the years, and most recently shifted towards Data Science.

Here’s a little timeline of important events.

And here’s a live stream I recorded today reflecting on 23 years of Frank’s World.

While at NDC in Sydney, Carl and Richard talked with John Azariah about Q# and the Quantum Development Kit that he has helped create. The conversation starts out with a refresher on quantum computing in general, including exploring a number of the myths and fallacies – John brings up the really important problems that quantum can tackle, including (no kidding!) world hunger and climate change. John dives into what Q# is all about, being able to abstract away from the quantum hardware and various emulators so that you can explore quantum functions.

You may not have the hardware today, but some day you will!

Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page.

Burke sits down with Damian Brady, Li’l Sebastian and a carnivorous rabbit to bring you Five Things about Azure DevOps.

What is Azure DevOps?

Why should you care and how many miniature horses is too many? All this and more in the season opener of your seventh favorite show.

Two years ago, I said that Data Science and AI will impact developers of all stripes. This episode of the Xamarin show bares out my prediction.

In this episode, Sam Basu from Progress delivers a full run down of conversational UI for bots leveraging Telerik UI for Xamarin. Sam walks us through what a bot is, how to create one, and how developers can be productive leveraging Telerik’s new controls for building out conversations.

Show Notes:

HireVue‘s AI technology allows companies to sort and grade video job applicants in a completely automated fashion.

Ironically, companies are actively taking humans out of the hiring process, at least the initial stages. Can we still call it HR, if there are no humans in it? Winking smile