For the second season of Databricks’ Data Brew, we will be focusing on machine learning, from research to production.

We will interview folks in academia and industry to discuss topics such as data ethics, production-grade infrastructure for ML, hyperparameter tuning, AutoML, and many more.

Good machine learning starts with high quality data. Irina Malkova shares her experience managing and ensuring high-fidelity data, developing custom metrics to satisfy business needs, and discusses how to improve internal decision making processes.

ElectrifAi has teamed up with Snowflake to make it easier than ever for you to implement pre-built machine learning models on their platform – so you can accelerate your Ai projects and achieve strategic outcomes faster.

My teammate Jim Marten shows how you can integrate your data in Snowflake with ElectrifAi’s pre-built ML models using Snowpark and Java user-defined functions (UDFs).

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