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Azure Synapse

Connecting to External Data with Azure Synapse

In this video Chris Seferlis gives a quick demonstration of connecting an external data source to my Synapse environment and the differences in performance between connecting as an external table or querying directly off of blob storage. Then he goes into the difference in external table and how that differs from copying the data right […]

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How to Get Started with Individual Dev/Test

Here’s a deep dive into understanding how you can leverage individual credits for enterprise work, and drive innovation for lasting impact.  We’ll look at how you can use these subscriptions, their benefits and how you can enable various security scenarios and protocols leveraging Azure AD. 0 Learn More: Monthly Azure Credit for Visual Studio Subscribers […]

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Covid Pandemic IoT

Wearable Tech to Track Covid Symptoms

Bloomberg Technology highlights wearable tech that can detect and track Covid symptoms. Nov.25 — Dr. James Mault, founder and chief executive officer at BioIntelliSense, discusses the company’s technology that detects Covid-19 symptoms on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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Natural Language Processing

Text Analytics for Health

Text Analytics for health is a preview feature of Text Analytics which enables developers to process and extract insights from unstructured clinical and biomedical text. Through a single API call, using NLP techniques such as named entity recognition, entity linking, relation extraction and entity negation, Text Analytics can extract critical and relevant medical information without […]

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Data Driven

A Heartfelt Thank You on this Thanksgiving Day

In this Thanksgiving Data Point, I wanted to send a special message of thanks to you, the best audience in the world!

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Did AT&T Predict the Future?

Marques Brownlee examines the AT&T commercials that inspired this Data Point. AT&T Made a futuristic concept commercial 20 years ago that turned out to be literally perfectly accurate. It’s insane. Maybe they should make another one this year? 

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Azure SQL Server

Top Reasons to Rehost your SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

Running SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines provides a suite of free manageability capabilities that are available only on Azure, and which make it easier to run in a cost-effective, secured, and optimized manner. As a SQL Server customer, you can migrate your SQL workloads to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines while making the […]

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Quantum Computing

A Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing

CERN Lectures presents Elias Fernandez-Combarro Alvarez as he provides a practical introduction to quantum computing Lecture 2: One and two-qubit systems (Part 1) Quantum key distribution with the BB84 protocol. Two-qubit gates. The CHSH game. Find out more and retrieve the exercices:

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