Day: July 2, 2024

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What Critical Vulnerabilities Have Hackers Exposed in AI?

This video is from BBC News. As is the case with most other software, artificial intelligence (AI) is vulnerable to hacking. A hacker, who is part of an international effort to draw attention to the shortcomings of the biggest tech companies, is stress-testing, or “jailbreaking,” the language models at Microsoft, ChatGPT and Google, according to […]

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Privacy Security

Discover the Power of OSINT: How to Find Anyone Online for Cybersecurity Purposes

In this videofrom Nielsen Networking, “Find Anyone Online: The Power of OSINT in Cybersecurity!” delve into the world of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and its critical role in cybersecurity. See a hands-on tutorial on how to use powerful OSINT tools and techniques like Google Dorks, Shodan,, Spiderfoot, recon-ng, Maltego, Intelligence-X, and more. Whether you’re […]

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Building digital infrastructure from core to edge

This video is from TelecomTV. Regardless of whether a network operator has an ‘open’ or ‘traditional’ strategy, and relies on the public cloud or is mostly on-premise, even a software-first service provider still needs chips, modules and boxes. But what infrastructure will they need, from which supplier(s) and where will it be operated? This session […]

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Discover the Simplest Way to Debloat Windows 11 with Tiny11 Builder Tutorial

In this tutorial video, see how to use Tiny11 builder which is one of the easiest methods to debloat Windows 11! Windows stands as a colossus, powering countless machines with its complex and feature-rich environment. Yet, within this behemoth lies a desire for simplicity, a yearning for the bare essentials that cater to specific needs […]

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GraphRAG: The Most Incredible RAG Strategy Revealed

The recent development of Graph RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) by Microsoft marks a significant leap forward in how AI understands and interacts with us. This innovation isn’t just a technical upgrade; it’s a window into a future where AI can engage with us more meaningfully than ever before. At its core, the concept of RAG is […]

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What is the Smallest Possible .EXE?

What is the smallest possible EXE that can be run on the Windows Operating System? What about the largest possible EXE? What even is an EXE file? On Windows, EXE files use the Portable Executable file format, which contains the program’s code, data, and references to other libraries that can be loaded and run by […]

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AI Data Science Livestream

Experience My New Book in Print: Order Your Copy Now!

There’s a peculiar thrill that comes with seeing your work materialize into something tangible, something you can hold, share, and point to with a sense of pride. Frank Levinia knows this thrill well, having recently experienced it for the third time in his life with the publication of his latest book. It’s a feeling that […]

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Security Uncategorized

Exposed: ISP Accused of Hacking Customers for Torrenting

In a world increasingly reliant on digital connectivity, the line between safeguarding interests and infringing on freedom becomes blurred. A recent incident in Korea brings this tension into sharp focus, revealing a scenario that reads more like a cyberpunk novel than a news headline. Korea’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), KT, stands accused of deploying […]

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AI Generative AI Virtual Reality

Breaking Boundaries: AI’s Latest Achievement in Meshes

Since 1987, the world of 3D modeling and visualization has been anchored by a technique known as marching cubes. This method, a cornerstone in the conversion of non-mesh data into mesh form, has been instrumental in everything from CAT scan visualizations to the final stages of generative 3D research. Yet, despite its widespread use and […]

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