Day: June 11, 2024


Uncovering a Critical 0-Day: How One Researcher Exposed Their ISP

This video is from Low Level Learning. This is truly one of the craziest scenarios I’ve ever seen. An API endpoint left wide open lets you hack anyone’s router. Article: Consider the modem—a device so ubiquitous and essential that it fades into the background of our digital lives. It’s our gateway to the vast […]

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Build a scalable Chat Application with Azure Cosmos DB and Kubernetes Service

In this session, you’ll learn how to build a scalable chat application utilizing Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We’ll set up Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB for logging chat history and Azure File Storage for storing weights of our language model. Then, we’ll deploy the Hugging Face Text Generation Inference (TGI) and […]

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AI Apple

The Seduction of Apple Intelligence

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced it’s first major AI feature “Apple Intelligence”, which brings a suite of new tools to the iPhone and Mac. Apple has it’s own foundation models, but will also rely on OpenAI in the cloud for certain AI jobs. Yesterday, Apple unveiled what they’re calling “Apple Intelligence,” a leap into integrating […]

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Interesting Science

This High Voltage Fog Is Controlled by Pointing (BiFrost Nebulagraphy)

This video from Plasma Channel could mean we are a little bit closer to interactive holograms. If a fog is electrically grounded, and you are charged to a high voltage, some pretty remarkable things occur. Pointing at it draws lines, the fog forms vortexes, and even invisible ion bridges are formed. Ultimately, this phenomenon may […]

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Adobe, we need to talk

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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AI Ethics Generative AI

Has the Adobe Empire Has Fallen

This video is from Grayson’s Graphics. Adobe just released their new terms of service which allows them to spy on you, steal your content, and resell it for their own gain. I break down how Adobe is using your content to train their AI model and how you can opt-out of Adobe AI training.

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AI AWS Generative AI

How to Maximize GenAI Applications on AWS: Best Practices for RAG Pipeline Evaluation – Part 4

This video is from Amazon Web Services. This multi-part series takes a practical approach working backwards from customer use cases and what made them successful in building a robust GenAI application. Since the technology is so nascent, customers often get lost in the vast content available and lack direction on execution. This includes starting with […]

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Introduction to Portainer

Neil Cresswell, CEO/CTO of Portainer.oi, joins Frank Boucher to talk about Portainer Community Edition (CE). Learn how this lightweight platform for containerized applications helps you managing your Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes and Azure Container Instance (ACI) environments.

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AI Ethics Generative AI

Is Adobe Really AI Training on Your Private Files?

Brad Colbow talks about the recent Adobe licensing controversy.

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