Chris Cooney on Exploring Data Evangelism

Introducing Chris Cooney: A Maestro of Data and Observability

Our guest today is Chris Cooney, a software engineer, SRE principal engineer, and the head of developer advocacy at Coralogix. Chris has an extensive background in engineering, having worked on everything from embedded systems for industrial battery units to high-volume payment processing systems. He’s now a leading figure in developer advocacy, focusing on the intricacies of data observability in production systems.

Chris’s career journey is a testament to the evolving landscape of tech roles. Starting with application-level Java, moving to React engineering, and diving deep into the realms of DevOps and SRE, Chris’s path has been anything but linear. His experience spans various sectors and roles, leading him to his current focus on observability and developer advocacy.

The Importance of Developer Advocacy

Developer advocacy has transformed significantly over the years. Once known as evangelism, this role has evolved to encompass a broader range of activities aimed at bridging the gap between developers and the products they use. Chris shares insights into how developer advocacy has shifted from just talking about open-source tech to being the top of the marketing funnel for tech companies. By focusing on providing valuable content and engaging with the developer community, advocates like Chris help build trust and drive awareness for their companies.

Observability: A Fundamental Data Problem

Chris’s current work at Coralogix centers around observability—a critical aspect of modern software engineering. Observability is about understanding what’s happening inside your systems through logs, metrics, and traces. Chris explains how Coralogix’s approach to observability focuses on smart data engineering principles. They use a streaming architecture to process data in real-time, making their platform highly scalable and efficient.

One of the significant challenges in observability is managing data volume and cost. Chris highlights that the real issue isn’t the amount of data but how it’s stored and accessed. By using use-case-driven storage solutions, Coralogix can optimize costs while retaining all necessary data. This innovative approach allows for querying archived data without the need for expensive rehydration processes, making it a game-changer in the field.

Developer Advocacy in Action

Chris shares some of the key aspects of his role as a developer advocate. From giving talks at conferences to creating educational content, his job is all about engaging with the developer community. He emphasizes the importance of providing independently valuable information while subtly introducing how Coralogix can help solve specific problems.

A significant part of Chris’s role involves speaking at conferences and events. He measures his success not by sales but by the number of people who engage with him after his talks. This metric helps him gauge the effectiveness of his presentations and ensures he’s providing real value to the audience.

The Evolution of Technology and the Role of Data

Throughout the conversation, Chris touches on various technological advancements and their impact on the industry. From the early days of software engineering to the current emphasis on observability and developer advocacy, the field has come a long way. Chris’s insights into how data plays a crucial role in these advancements are both enlightening and inspiring.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Data and Observability

As we look to the future, it’s clear that data will continue to shape the landscape of technology. Observability will become even more critical as systems grow more complex and interconnected. Chris’s work at Coralogix is at the forefront of this evolution, providing valuable lessons in data management and observability.

Final Thoughts and Farewell

We wrap up our episode with some fun and insightful questions for Chris. From his passion for boxing to his love for philosophy and guitar playing, we get a glimpse into the man behind the data. Chris also shares his excitement about the future of VR technology and how it might transform our workspaces.

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