Day: May 16, 2024

AI Google

Alphabet CEO on report OpenAI trained GPT-4 on YouTube: We have clear terms of service

This video is from CNBC Television. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai joins CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa at Google I/O developer conference to talk its new AI rollout, project Astra, its response to OpenAI’s search competitor and more.

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AI Red Hat

OpenShift Commons Denver: Accelerating AI: Visions, Trends, and OpenShift

Erwan Gallen (Red Hat), Raghu Moorthy (Intel), Adam Tetelman (NVIDIA), and Ramine Roane (AMD) join us from the Community Day and OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit 2024 in Denver Colorado.

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Is Elon Musk a Security Expert? – ThreatWire

This video from Hak5 will freak you out. LINKS 🔗 Story 1: NextJS Vulnerabilities Discovered 🔗 Story 2: New Technique Allows VPN Bypass 🔗 Story 3: FIDO2 Flaw Exposes MITM Attack 🔗 Story 4: Signal Vs Telegram

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AI Generative AI

Ethical AI Music Production with Udio and

This video from Bob Doyle Media teach use to ETHICALLY create an original song with Udio and then CHANGE and ADD new vocals AND harmonies with Udio and!

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Do You Know What Your Servers are Doing?

This video from NetworkChuck will help you monitor your homelab. Dive into the world of IT monitoring with NetworkChuck as he explores the powerful capabilities of What’s Up Gold. Learn how to monitor everything from servers and routers to gaming PCs and even your toilet! This video covers essential protocols like SNMP and WMI, setting […]

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AI Computer Vision Generative AI Large Language Models

Google announces AI agent ‘Project Astra’

CNBC Television’s Deirdre Bosa joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss Google’s latest announcement at its tech event.

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Interesting Smartphones

What is the truth behind airplane mode

This video is from Answer in Progress. Airplane mode. Do we really need it? How is it possible that my little ol’ iPhone could actually affect the big ol’ plane. In this video, Taha explores the history of Airplane Mode, why we still have it today and uncovers an unexpected reason why we need it.

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Red Hat

OpenShift Commons Denver: Scaling OpenShift cluster lifecycle management at Garmin

This video is from OpenShift. Brett Summers (Garmin) and Jonathan Regehr (Garmin) discuss how they leverage Jsonnet, Tekton & ArgoCD to scale OpenShift cluster lifecycle management at Garmin. They join us from the Community Day and OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit 2024 in Denver Colorado.

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Interesting Networking

How to Create Your Own Proxmox Home Lab – The Ultimate Guide Part 1

This video is from Unkyjoe’s Playhouse. Are you interested in virtualization, containerization, and building your own home lab? Look no further than Proxmox VE! This open-source virtualization platform allows you to run virtual machines, containers, and even manage storage and networking – all from a single, user-friendly web interface. In this comprehensive video tutorial, we’ll […]

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