Day: May 10, 2024

AI Large Language Models Security

Red teaming LLM applications

This video is from LLM TECH STORIES. Giskard is a room which helps in red teaming LLM applications

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Security

What Happens when GenAI Lands in the Wrong Hands: Unmasking the Threat of Malicious AI and Defending Against the…

Anton Chuvakin talks about the security risks around Gen AI with Elie Bursztein, Google DeepMind Cybersecurity Research Lead, Google

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Privacy Security

FCC fines wireless carriers $200 million for sharing user location data!

Tom and Kevin from Shared Security discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over the carriers’ actions and deliberate on whether the fines would be impactful […]

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AI Google

How to Deploy Gemini for Google Workspace: From Use Cases to Change Management

This video is from Google Workspace.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

RAG Explained

Oftentimes, GAI and RAG discussions are interconnected. Learn more about about RAG is and how it works alongside your databases, LLMs and vector databases for better results with Luv Aggarwal and Shawn Brennan. AI news moves fast. Sign up for a monthly newsletter for AI updates from IBM →

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Daniel Disney: AI Social Selling Hacks to Drive HUGE Results

This video is from Daniel Disney. Mastering the art of social selling has become essential for success in B2B sales. Daniel Disney, Founder of The Daily Sales and LinkedIn Growth Consultant is joining us to share invaluable insights and strategies for taking your sales efforts to new heights using AI.

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AI Interesting

“Voices from DARPA” Podcast, Episode 78: Introducing ELSI

In this episode of Voices from DARPA on DARPAtv.,  hear from DARPA Director, Dr. Stefanie Tompkins, to explain the agency’s perspective on those implications, as well as Dr. Bart Russell, deputy director of the Defense Sciences Office, on what it would mean to incorporate ELSI across the agency more formally. Finally, Dr. Rebecca Crootof, DARPA’s […]

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AI Ethics Generative AI Large Language Models Security

A Deep Dive into the Security Risks of LLMs with Kevin Latchford

Join me for an enlightening live discussion on the intricate world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their security implications. In this exclusive livestream event, we’ll be hosting Kevin Latchford, a noted expert in cybersecurity, to explore the vulnerabilities and risks associated with LLMs. As these models become more integral to our digital lives, understanding […]

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Why is the DOS path length 260 bytes?

Larry Oosterman takes us waaaaay back in today’s #OneDevQuestion – and he explores why the DOS path length was set to 260 bytes.

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