Day: April 22, 2024

AI Generative AI Large Language Models

How To Run Llama 3 8B, 70B Models On Your Laptop (Free)

Unlock the power of AI right from your laptop with this comprehensive tutorial on how to set up and run Meta’s latest LLaMA models (8B and 70B versions). Written guide.

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Microsoft Build Preview: .NET

In this episode of Microsoft Build Unplugged, James Montemagno, Principal Manager, Tech and Safia, Senior Software Engineer, share a peek at what’s coming.

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Developer Javascript

JavaScript Visualized – Event Loop, Web APIs, (Micro)task Queue

Lydia Hallie teaches us how the browser event loop, task queue, microtask queue, and Web APIs work together to enable non-blocking, asynchronous JavaScript.

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AT&T Data Breach Update

Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson give us an update on the AT&T data breach. For the full episode, go to:

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Maker Speech and Voice

How to Create Voice Controlled Appliances without Internet

Learn how to create voice controlled appliances using Arduino without internet! This tutorial covers the Seeed Studio Grove Offline Voice Recognition board based on VC02 module for offline voice recognition, perfect for home automation projects. This video is from techiesms.

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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

Kirill Gavrylyuk delivers the Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

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AI Ethics Generative AI

Microsoft’s New REALTIME AI Face Animator – Make Anyone Say Anything

This video from AI Search highlights Microsoft’s new VASA-1 model.

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