Day: March 28, 2024

AI Mathematics

How AI Discovered a Faster Matrix Multiplication Algorithm

Researchers at Google research lab DeepMind trained an AI system called AlphaTensor to find new, faster algorithms to tackle an age-old math problem: matrix multiplication. Advances in matrix multiplication could lead to breakthroughs in physics, engineering and computer science. AlphaTensor quickly rediscovered – and surpassed, for some cases – the reigning algorithm discovered by German […]

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AI Databricks Generative AI Large Language Models

DBRX: A New Standard for Open Source LLMs

Databricks now enters the LLM fray. Today we’re excited to announce our new open source general-purpose language model – DBRX. DBRX sets a new standard for efficient LLMs. It outperforms all existing open source models as well as GPT 3.5 on standard benchmarks. DBRX plus Mosaic AI helps developers deploy production-quality GenAI applications that are […]

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AI Neural Networks

Unveiling the Power of ONNX: The Keystone of Interoperable AI Models

The Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format emerges as a pivotal innovation, fostering interoperability among AI models. As the AI landscape burgeons with diverse frameworks and tools, the challenge of model portability and efficiency in deployment becomes pronounced. ONNX, an open-source format, addresses this challenge head-on, enabling models trained in one framework to be exported […]

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AI Generative AI

From Gen AI to Gen BI – The Power of Gen AI Unleashed in Analytics

Avi Perez, Pyramid Analytics CTO – joins the DATAcated Show to talk about the power of Gen AI unleashed in analytics (going from GenAI to GenBI). You’ll even get to see some cool demos of GenBI!!

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AI Deep Learning Neural Networks

Watching Neural Networks Learn

Emergent Garden provides this video about neural networks, function approximation, machine learning, and mathematical building blocks. Dennis Nedry did nothing wrong.

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