Day: March 1, 2024

AI Hardware

Breaking Down the Fastest AI Chip in the World: What You Need to Know

This video from Anastasi In Tech  discusses how it works, benchmarks, how it compares to other AI accelerators and the future outlook!

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AI Red Hat

Elevate Your AI Capabilities with Red Hat OpenShift AI: A Demo

In this video, Chris Chase demonstrates a typical workflow that includes creating a project, launching a Jupyter notebook with appropriate cluster resources and training a foundation model from Hugging Face with one’s own data. Once the model is fine-tuned, Chris automates the build using a data science pipeline and serves the model for use in […]

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Philosophy Fridays

Unveiling the Matrix: A Deep Dive into its Philosophical Themes

In this video from Einzelgänger take a deeper look into the Matrix. The Matrix, a science fiction film created by the Wachowskis, is probably one of the most influential movies ever made. The story starts when computer programmer Thomas Anderson, operating as a hacker under the alias “Neo,” discovers the truth about the world he’s […]

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AI Future Interesting

Navigating the AI Landscape: Lessons from the Butlerian Jihad

The following was originally published as part of my LinkedIn newsletter: Frank Digs Data, with a special shout out to all the Dune fans out there. In the realm of popular science fiction, few narratives resonate as powerfully with contemporary technological and ethical debates as the Butlerian Jihad from Frank Herbert’s “Dune,” where robotics and […]

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AI Ethics Security

Separating Fact from Fiction: Exploring AI Concerns with Dan Hendrycks on Win-Win

The rate of AI progress is accelerating, so how can we minimize the risks of this incredible technology, while maximizing the rewards?

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AI Data

Data Engineering in the Age of AI: Data Intelligence Platforms

Learn about the Data Intelligence Platform and how Data Engineers benefit in their work from AI infused into every layer of the Databricks Lakehouse. This live demo walks you through the classic data engineering tasks, code generation, fixing, and documentation with the Databricks Assistant, automatic documentation with Unity Catalog, and making use of LLMs such […]

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Career Data

How to Give a Great Data Presentation

This video is from DATAcated. Very excited to host Christopher Chin – to talk about How to Give a Great Data Presentation!!!

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Azure Azure SQL Data Security SQL Server

Uncovering the Fundamentals of SQL Server and Azure SQL DB Security | Data Exposed

In this video is from Microsoft Developer, learn about SQL Server and Azure SQL Database security fundamentals you won’t want to miss.

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Uncovering the Truth: The Alarming Rise of Fraud in the Scientific Community

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder. Science has a big problem and it’s been getting rapidly worse in the past two years or so, to no small part because of recent advances in artificial intelligence. Fraudulent papers are getting published more than ever, and the fraudsters are getting increasingly aggressive. In this episode I want […]

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AI GameDev Generative AI Google

Unleashing Creativity: DeepMind’s New AI Generates Games From Scratch

This video from Two Minute Papers covers the paper “Genie: Generative Interactive Environments.” See? Not all hope for Google is lost.

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