Why You Need Better Knowledge Graphs for Your RAG

This video is from Leann Chen.

RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) has become the hype of Generative AI applications, so are knowledge graphs. You see lots of graph-based LLM apps out there and you’re probably building one too. However, how you construct knowledge graphs determines the quality of your LLM-based application. Solely relying on GPT-4 for extracting entities and relationships without thorough evaluation will give you the garbage-in-garbage-out effect.

To get prepared for Data Day Texas 2024, I built a Graph RAG AI assistant using Diffbot API for both web scraping and knowledge graph construction. You’ll see how I built it while monitoring the results throughout the video. Diffbot offers transparency in the information retrieval process and benchmarks for evaluating the accuracy of the information retrieved.


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