Day: February 20, 2024

AI Ethics Research

Experts Stunned by Rapid AI Progress: New Survey Reveals

Sabine Hossenfelder has very interesting results from a survey among 3000 AI experts. The most interesting result is that they now think AI is going to change the world even faster than they said just a year ago. Both human level machine intelligence and full automation of labor could happen this century. The paper is […]

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AI Large Language Models

How to Streamline Your Tasks with Zapier and Chatgpt: A Step-by-Step Guide to AI Automation

This video is from Koala in a Lab. Imagine being able to automate your daily tasks with the power of GPT, from redirecting emails to receiving updates from important colleagues without knowing how to code. This video dives into how you can leverage ChatGPT to streamline your workflows, including a detailed guide on integrating with […]

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Day 3 of the I ️Love AI Challenge : AI in Your Daily Life

Noelle recently hosted an AI challenge. Check it out!

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Top 6 Tools to Turn Code into Beautiful Diagrams

This video is from ByteByteGo.

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AI Google

How to Use NotebookLM (Google’s New AI Tool)

Google’s NotebookLM is way more than notetaking, writing, or organizational tool. It’s an AI collaborator, grounded in your data with your unique view of the world. In this tutorial, Tiago Forte will give you a tour of the main functionalities, demonstrate concrete use cases such as making sense of meeting notes or writing an article, […]

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AI Data Driven Generative AI Large Language Models

Jeremy Utley on Crafting Smarter Conversations with AI

In this the 356th episode of the Data Driven podcast, I spoke with Jeremey Utley on Getting the Most out of LLMs. Jeremy Utley, a celebrated figure from Stanford, highlighted the transformative nature of AI tools like ChatGPT and shared the innovative FIXIT approach to amplify the use of AI in daily operations. The FIXIT […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Research

GPT-5 Unveiled: Sam Altman’s Shocking Statement on AI Advancements

Sam Altman teases some advances coming in GPT-5 and, as the master marketer he is, he is playing it cool. Here’s why we should all be excited about (and a little afraid of) GPT-5.

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Uncovering AI-Powered Hackers: Microsoft and OpenAI Report

Microsoft (MSFT) and OpenAI — which Microsoft owns a 49% stake in — have identified hacker groups from several countries that are using artificial intelligence models in their cyberattacks, drawing on colossal amounts of text to generate human-like responses. In a report released by Microsoft, the hackers came from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, […]

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