Day: February 10, 2024

AI Ethics

How to implement AI Ethics

Every tool has potential, positive and negative, but how do you make sure your AI powered applications are enhancing your business or customer experience? Morgan demonstrates how you might want to start thinking about the risks and benefits of using AI and make sure you deliver on the benefits of AI.

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AWS Interesting Open Source

How Open Source Works

This video is from Fireship. ElasticSearch recently dropped its open-source licensing strategy, prompting AWS to fork it. Learn how “Open Source” actually works and how companies profit from it.

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Say Goodbye to Multiple Design Tools – Modyfi Demo Does It All for Free!

This video is from Flux Academy. Generate, design, and animate quickly in one free in-browser app? Can Modyfi do everything and who is it for? Matt has a look around.

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When Stopping a Computer Virus Lands You in Jail

This video from Crumb stands as a cautionary tale. In 2017, a computer virus encrypted more than 200,000 computers, disrupting hospitals, telecommunications companies, and public transportation systems. However, before the day ended, a malware analyst emerged as a hero by discovering a kill switch that halted the virus’s spread. However, his good deed earned him […]

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Zero Division Demystified: A Complete Roadmap for Elementary to Math Major Students

This video is from Dr Sean. Why can’t we divide by 0? This is a common issue we encounter in elementary school when we learn to divide, but it persists through high school and even into math major courses. Let’s explore why we can’t (usually) divide by 0 in 5 levels, covering a range of […]

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AI Future

Tech CEO on the Future of Travel & Technology w/ Adam Goldstein | EP #82

In this episode, Peter and Adam discuss the future of transportation, when we’ll have flying cars, and how vehicle technology will evolve in the coming years. Adam Goldstein, founder and CEO of Archer since October 2018, previously led Vettery from 2012 to 2019 and served as Co-Managing Partner at Minetta Lane Capital Partners. His career […]

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